Top 5 ideas to spend wisely this EOFY

May 31, 2019

We all know EOFY is a big season in Australia. Spending wisely means paying for something that will bring you positive outcomes. There are two ways to do it: 1. Spending for tax benefits; 2. Spending for future returns. Here we list 5 selections out from Bamboo Diaries that will kill two birds with one stone. This is specifically created for boutique business owners who look into keeping their customers for the long-term.

No 1. Bamboo Phone Charger

What do I need to say more? This is a trend...and a need~ We all look for charging dock when we are out and about. Can you imagine when someone walks into a restaurant or cafe, and see a lovely phone charger, what do you think will pop into their mind immediately? "Aww, this place gets me!"..With this bamboo phone charger in place, you are sure to keep your customers longer and homier. Snap! 

No 2. Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse combo

This keyboard and mouse combo is not only ergonomic for daily use, but more importantly it looks good! For cafe or guest house/ hotel owners, this will make a big difference to your reception. It immediately creates a style to impress your guests, bring a memorable experience.

No 3. Digital Bamboo Clock

Add this to all guest rooms or just at the reception for a contemporary vintage outlook of your business. For a successful business, you need to come up with innovations before everyone does. You know you cannot simply find something from IKEA, or departmental stores where everyone can easily get access to.

No 4. Japanese Style Bamboo Cutlery

Give this for FREE to your royal customers, and they surely will love you and bring to you more customers showing off this to their friends~ what's more? Customise this with your company's logo for increased publicity, picture speaks more than words :)

No 5. Bamboo Drinking Straws

Show to your customers how much you care about the environment as much as about them. Print your logo on each of the reusable straws and have your customers keep them as souvenir. When they use it next time in front of their friends, the good words will be spread naturally.

I used to talk with friends who indulge in spending for something that are worthy of the pennies. We come into conclusions what make people feel worthy of spending is when they feel a sense of "sincerity" from the business owner. For example, a good chef cooks food that smell, look and taste good. After all, we show that we care, beginning from work on every corner that is easily negligible. Keep the hard work going :) Hardworkers deserve a success.

Thanks for reading till the end. The list will keep growing. Meanwhile, please leave us any feedback if you think we have left out something. 

With love,
Bamboo Diaries

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