Why do we love bamboowares?

July 30, 2019

Why bamboo?

The answer is no brainer~ Correct?

It simply is beautiful and natural. The growth of bamboo is one of the quickest on earth. In other words, to sustainably support its growth, it is nearly chemical free. Its growth is natural, and its by-products are completely biodegradable, popularly known as zero-waste. 

The use of bamboo-based products helps reduce environmental impacts and promote a greener planet. Here are a few reasons why you should feel good buying and using bamboo products:

  • Bamboo grows quickly — Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. It can grow up to 24" (nearly 61 cm) a day. It can be harvested in just three to seven years — much faster than other types of woody plants. This makes bamboo highly renewable and an ideal alternative to non-degradable plastics.
  • Bamboo is strong and bamboo-based products are durable — Like steel, bamboo can withstand stress while being stretched or pulled, which is why it’s used for boats, construction scaffolding and other items that require strength and flexibility. Because it’s so tough, it is so feasible to be made into various things. Take a look at our store and you shall see how amenable it is.
  • Bamboo belongs to mother earth and it contributes to its sustainability — Bamboo is part of the nature, it is degradable and therefore do not increase the waste burden on earth, which is currently a worldwide crisis created by the non-biodegradability of plastics. Moreover, the plantation of bamboo helps to promote healthy soil. The plant’s deep root systems protect against soil erosion. When harvested correctly, bamboo doesn’t require replanting afterward.

**The benefits are not exhaustive. More to come :)

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