5pcs/ lot Bamboo Toothbrushes with Charcoal Infused Bristles

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Beautifully made biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal infused bristles to prevent bacterial growth. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles become frayed. Toothbrush naturally builds up a large number of bacteria over multiple uses, and a worn out toothbrush practically removes less plaque than a new toothbrush. This is the reason why toothbrushes should be replaced regularly for optimal dental hygience.

The handle of bamboo toothbrush is made of 100% natural bamboo materials. It is a green alternative to conventional plastic toothbrush. Our landfills and natural open environments has become the home for countless plastic toothbrushes that may take up to 1000 years to decompose. Under the sun, the plastic materials can be further degraded to "microplastics" with uncertain environmental impacts. Using bamboo toothbrush will certainly do more good than harm by substantially reducing the non-biodegradable component of a plastic toothbrush.

Buyer is to be reminded that the bristles of the bamboo toothbrush are the only non-biodegradable part, which is hitherto irreplaceable by any degradable materials due to its durability and vegan-friendly nature.

Condition: 100% brand new
Material: bamboo + BPA-free soft bristles made of nylon-6 polymer
Package: 5 pcs toothbrush
Size: 17.5*1.5*0.5 cm
Handle color: Natural wood colour
Bristle color: Black (charcoal-infused), pink and blue

BPA free eco-friendly bristles, medium to soft in stiffness, which is harmless to your gum for daily use. Biodegradable bamboo handle is environment-friendly and sustainable. 

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Customer Reviews

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Tamara Stamm

5 pcs/ lot Bamboo Toothbrushes with Charcoal Infused Bristles

Ellie Skiles

Brushes wonderful

Julien Heidenreich

Pleasant eco-friendly toothbrushes. Made neatly. Size is usual. Bristle stiffness from soft to medium. Came in individual cardboard boxes, well remembered by mail. It came on one brush more: if it is a gift from the seller-thank him for it. Delivery is fast. Price-адекват.

Gilbert Cummings

Brushes are pleasant to the touch, soft, in individual cardboard boxes. Come quickly.

Rylan McKenzie

It's all right. Interesting to stop using plastic.

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